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How do I manage someone's energy account after they've passed away?

We want to make everything as straightforward as possible when you're already going through a difficult time. If you need to let us know that one of our customers has passed away, just get in touch with the following information, and we'll help:

  • Details of the person who has passed away: name, full address, and the date they passed.
  • Meter readings from as close to the date they passed away as possible. This helps us make sure the final statement for the account is as accurate as it can be, but if you can't get meter readings, it's not a problem - we'll use estimated readings.
  • Details of the person who's responsible for looking after their affairs. This is probably the executor of the estate if there's a will, or administrator if there isn't one.

If there was no will and you're not sure who the administrator is, don't worry - just give us any information you can.

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