About us

Who we are

We're London Power, founded by the Mayor of London, and powered by Octopus Energy. London Power was born to provide Londoners with energy that's good for your pocket, good for the environment and good for the community.

We combine City Hall's knowledge of Londoners with Octopus Energy's award-winning customer service and renewable energy. By working in partnership, we've created a new kind of energy company, for all Londoners.

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Why we set up London Power

It's a sad fact that millions of Londoners struggle to pay for their fuel bills because of inflated prices from old-fashioned big energy companies. We wanted to change that.

We also know energy can be confusing. Confusing lists of products, names and terms. London Power makes it easy for you to get a great deal and provides brilliant customer service from Londoners who care. That's why London Power is powered by Octopus Energy, highly rated on TrustPilot for customer service.

The London Power vision

We think energy should be priced fairly, so you pay what it costs to provide without lining shareholders' pockets. When we say fairly priced, we mean for the long term, not just now. We don't believe in just offering good deal today which bites later on. We want to offer ongoing fair prices.

We also think energy should be green, helping move to a zero-carbon future. With London Power, all the electricity you use will be matched with power generated from renewable sources like the sun and the wind. We are delighted to now also offer great value plans that include carbon offsetting for all the gas you use for an even greener footprint. With London Power, green and affordable energy go hand in hand.

How we're achieving our vision

We promise to offer affordable, green energy to all Londoners. And we don't just look out for you, we also look after your community. Any profits City Hall make will be reinvested into programmes which help to achieve the Mayor's social and environmental goals, helping to turn London into a zero-carbon city.

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